Difficult Life

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Have you ever thought that your game is too easy? Having a tons of mods installed, and mobs are no longer a threat to you? Thinking, that armor from some mods (ProjectE) is way too powerfull, and nothing can damage you? Well then, this mod is for you!


This mod is designed for modpacks! It is not designed to be played on vanilla minecraft, since there is no gear even close to some gear, required to fight off enemies in the late game.



It is also random2, so if your enderdragon has around 3000 hp - well, your luck is amazing...



Every feature is configurable! Do not like something, or want to change it? Do it yourself using the .cfg file, do not post here.

What this mod does?

This mod adds a difficulty system to the game, similar to the one, introduced in 1.8, but the difficulty is global, not local. Basically, the longer you play your game, the more difficult it is going to be. Let me explain:




The difficulty bar was inspired by Risk Of Rain - a rogulike 2d shooter game. Similar to that game, it has some stages of difficulty, though they are purely cosmetical. Periodically your difficulty will increase. It becomes noticable very quickly, as monsters gain more health, damage, status effects and armor. 3,5 Real time days are required to fully fill this bar up to the maximum value(can be changed in the config file!)

To simplify the math:
The player has 20 health. That is equal to 10 hearts.
Zombie also has 20 health = 10 hearts.
Bats only have 6 health = 3 hearts.
Difficulty modes: Similar to the game mentioned above as difficulty grows the text to your right will change. It is a graphical feature, that actually has nothing to do with the way it works - just a notification for the player.

Difficulty effects:Again, similar to the game, mentioned above, difficulty has similar effects. Mobs will have more health - even peacefull mobs, like cows and sheep, and pigs. However, peacefull creatures will have much lower health gain than the hostiles. The health increases proportional to the difficulty, and goes from 0(zombie has 20HP), to 250(zombie has 270HP). However, this is really random - mobs are not guaranteed to have that amounts of HP - it varies, but in general, at max difficulty zombies will have a guaranteed 145HP + some amount above that value. Based on the health the mob gains it can get some other benefits - if at maximum difficulty zombie has around 145HP - expect it to hit really hard. And, if he has around 270HP - it's damage may get not affected at all. Damage also varies, and it is completely random - at maximum difficulty the zombie may have around 0-45 added damage, though in general they will have around 15-21.
Mobs may also gain some status effects - the most common is regeneration, but you can encounter speed, resistance, strength and fire resistance.

Special occasions

While playing with the mod you may notice some strange mobs around your world... The so called blights, and if you see one - you should run. though you most likely have no chance. There will be more and more blights as the difficulty increases, though it is possible to encounter some even on low difficulty. Blights are mobs, that have 3 times as much health, as the mob should have had at your current difficulty, they have speed 9 on them, they are burning, but not taking any fire damage, they have a very high damage(on the maximum difficuly they were able to one-shot me, and I was wearing Gem Armor from ProjectE(much, much stronger than any armor you can think of)). And the scariest part about them - they are invisible. So, you need to find a way to fight them off(or just turn them off in the config file if you want to). Ow, have I mentioned that they have a set of enchanted armor + weapon?

Health Changes

Health amount: By default you still start with your regular 10 hearts, however, that can be changed in the config file. Want to start with 3 hearts? Or maybe with 30?
Health regeneration: Health now regenerates 2 times slower, but it will regenerate as long as your hunger bar is at least half full.

Heart drops: You can increase your maximum amount of health by obtaining the Heart Canisters. Those can be found in all vanilla dungeons, and some modded ones. Heart canisters will also drop from the Wither and the Enderdragon. You can also obtain heart canisters from mobs, if you deal the finishing blow. Each canister increases your HP by 2(1 heart). There is no limit to the amount of health you can have.
Health display: Your health will no longer display in multiple rows, but will instead change the color based on the amount of health you have - similar to the way TConstruct does it. This feature gets disabled if TConstruct is detected.

Vanity Slots

inventory: With this mod you may want to wear the best armor you can get... However, it may look not very good on you. The best does not always mean the fanciest... Well, this mod adds a new button to your inventory, similar to the way Baubles does that - that is the Vanity button in the bottom left corner. If you press that it will open a menu, again, similar to the baubles menu. If you have baubles installed there will be slots for them too. To the right of your armor there will be 4 more armor slots - the armor you put in there will not give any stats/protecion/will not break/etc., but will be displayed on your character instead of the armor you are wearing. To see the changes just close the GUI and wait a little bit. And yes, that works in multiplayer too, so other people can see your shiny gear instead of the regular one!


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