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The Diaernum mod adds new armors, tools and loot.
There are four new types of armor and tools:

 Black Onyx: it is halfway between iron and diamond, it is very common but has short durability.

 Diaernum: it is slightly better than the diamond.

 Porparine: is superior to the Diaernum.

 Bluranium:it is much better than Porparine, allows you to fly when the armor is worn, gives to the player special effects, can be turned off in the config file.

This mod adds new dungeon loot, the Ancient Items, they are very rare, and they can only be found in specific places, these items when held in the second hand, can give to the player special effects when wearing armor,

The two new ore are the Fusionstone and the Black Onyx, the fusionstone is very rare, it is found at shallow depths often under the lava. The Black Onyx instead it is very common.