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DGX = Fusion Evolution of Dexar and Gravit made by CrimsonMirage The way to Spawn it Is to Use the Blast/Burning Vice (Burst) 


Mod By Me :) with MCreator and Blockbench


Dexar = Just a Unfusion Entity with Black and Red and Black Entity

Gravit = DGX's Fusion with Black and Red also Their are some Crimson Weapons


Sorry for not Posting Mods in 5 Months



WyvernFire SwordBow: Ranged Weapon that go with the Burning Barrage and Fire's out Fire Ammo for 5 Seconds


Burning Burst Saber = a Saber Combat what Had Fire for 60 Seconds

Crimson Emerald = Kill Gravit for Emerald of Crimson

Crimson Spirit = Kill DGX For Spirits

Check Planet Minecraft or Game jolt


DGX Fusion Minecraft Mod (

DGX by CrimsonMirage - Game Jolt