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Detail Armor Bar (Fabric)

The detail armor bar adds more information to the armor bar.

[This is client-side mod! No need to install on server.]


If you are using Fabric Loader, Requires Fabric API

If you are using Forge, use Forge port version!



Showcase Video:


Update 2.1:

20+ armor points are now displayed.

The picture above is when you have 76 points.


Update 1.3:

Added Armor Type Bar! +Elytra (Support only 1.17.1)



  • Netherite Armor Bar
  • Enchant Protection Type Color Effect
  • Armor Mending Effect
  • Thorns Overlay / Effect
  • Armor's Low Durability Warn Effect
  • And more!

Check out the images tab and showcase videos :)



Protection Colors : 

- Protection - Aqua(Cyan)

- Projectile Protection - Purple

- Blast Protection - Yellow

- Fire Protection - Red or.. Orange?


For Developers:

- I want to display the armor in my mod as my texture. How do that?

> checkout the API Document