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To the rest of the world Demeter is the greek god of the harvest, but here Demeter is a new crop properties api mod created by Wtoll to bring to fabric some of the same ideas as AgriCraft, and to rewrite the clunky crop properties system in my other mod Farmcraft. Demeter is licensed under the MIT license which for the most part means you can do whatever you want with it. If you experience any issues it would be much appreciated to report them to the issues tracker on the Demeter Github page.



Demeter completely changes the way that you farm in Minecraft. Starting off there is a new properties system. Each seed has certain properties that make it more desirable to plant than another seed. For example, one germination of wheat seed might yield more upon harvest, while another might grow faster. At the moment there are two properties implemented, yield and growth. Yield gives players more seeds and "fruits" whenever they harvest a crop, and growth makes crops grow faster. Crops that are fully grown will randomly spread to adjacent unoccupied farmland, when that happens there is a small chance their genes will mutate and result in a seed with more desirable characteristics.


Observation Table


Crafting an observation table allows players to get quantifiable measures for a seeds specialization within each property. Seed placed into the observation table will then acquire a tooltip allow players to easily glance at which seeds have better characteristics than others.


Observation Table GUI


In addition to the crop property and mutation system Demeter completely changes the way crops go about growing. Instead of there being a fixed amount of random crop ticks per chunk each crop has its own random chance of growing. Several old and new factors affect the probability of this occurring. For example, plants still need to be placed on hydrated farmland, but now things like the fertilization level of the soil, whether or not it is raining, and the day night cycle will affect the probability for crops to grow.


Fertilized Farmland



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