Dem Lobsters

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Ever get bored of mining in the dark just to get the resources you need to progress? This mod allows you to farm colorful lobsters to get any materials your heart desires. 


  • Explore the world to find lobsters in their rocky homes
  • Craft a lobster net and right click to snatch one
  • Over time lobsters will drop shells. Four shells can be crafted into their resource type
  • You can put your lobster in a cage to keep it still. Shells will still be generated
  • Breed two different lobsters to discover new types
  • If you get hungry, there is always the option of eating your lobsters
  • Configurable: homeGenerationChance, exitHomeChance, dropShellChance, tankShellProductionChance, homeEnterCountdown, spawnChance


For sky block pack makers: 

  • you can make a recipe for lobsters:home, if that block is placed down it will spawn lobsters
  • alternatively, make recipes for individual spawn eggs to create your own progression between materials 
  • if you have a non-void world (like all ocean or something) the spawning should work normally


- If you have any questions or suggestions, please join the discord server:
- Commissioned by kammcorder
- If you'd like to commission your own mod, DM LukeGrahamLandry#6888 on Discord.


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