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In collaboration with Cryptic Mushroom, Team Hollow presents Deeper Caverns!


Deeper Caverns is a fresh take on a Nether overhaul mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 by Team Hollow and Cryptic Mushroom, the creators of The Midnight mod. This new Nether will be made of three layers: the biolayer, the mantle, and the core. You get to this new Nether with a regular portal made of chiseled obsidian, crafted by putting obsidian in the stone cutter, and lit with flint and steel. Make sure to sneak when you stand inside the lit portal frame!

Out of the three layers planned, only the biolayer is implemented, but there's still a lot of work to be done on it. Eventually the biolayer will populated by diverse flora, fauna, and fungi. It will have a more organic theme than the other layers.

The mantle will have a more rocky theme with some fire. Ghasts will roam its vast caverns. The core will have a heavy fire and stone theme, making it a lot like an expanded classic Nether.
In all the layers, there will be new NPCs to visit and trade with, new biomes to explore, new structures to loot, and new enemies to battle.

This mod was made for MMD's SpookyJam 2019 and is currently in early alpha (the file is marked as beta so it can be put in modpacks and stuff) so what you see is a rough draft and not final. Feel free to test and report bugs to us and stuff!

-Please report issues to the issue tracker which is linked in the taskbar above.
-If you would like to submit a translation of the mod, submit it in a pull request.
-Follow us on Twitter to stay informed about progress with the mod!
-If you want to discuss the mod on top of that, consider joining our Discord server!
-If you would like to support our work, donate to us on Patreon


  • Code: bl4ckscor3, Mahtaran
  • Textures: Endergized, Five (Paradiscal)
  • Models: Cipher_Zero_X
  • Sounds: Lachney (coming soon)

    Anyone has permission to use this mod in their modpack, but, again, Deeper Caverns is currently in early alpha, so it is not recommended. If your modpack is not on Curseforge, ask for permission from a developer first.
    No one is allowed to reuse code or assets without explicit permission from a developer.