Discontinued Project


The Decimation project has been officially discontinued and will consequently no longer receive any updates. Additionally, official servers have been decommissioned and are no longer operational.


We extend our gratitude to everyone who supported and engaged with the Decimation project throughout its journey.


The Decimation project and its associated assets are the sole intellectual property of BoehMod. Redistribution of the mod, in whole or in part, through any channel or platform is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, file-sharing services, online repositories, personal websites, or third-party modifications.


Detection of unauthorized distribution will be met with swift and decisive legal action. BoehMod reserves the right to pursue all available legal options to protect its intellectual property.


We recommend users refrain from downloading or using the Decimation mod from any source other than the original distribution channels, which are now permanently closed. Doing so may expose you to security risks, malware, or derivative works that do not reflect the original vision of the project.


Please respect the intellectual property rights of BoehMod. By doing so, you are protecting the integrity of the project and the creative efforts invested in its development.