709 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 7, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

Small Mod that adds command versions of F3 + Keybind shortcuts, also adds an alias of commands such as /day and /night.

Practically the most uncalled for mod ever but sometimes pressing those keybinds at the same time can be really annoying. (To me at least)


/chunk-boundaries - Toggles chunk boundaries on and off.

/reload-chunks - Reload chunks your clients chunks

/clear-chat - Clears your chat

/quit - Closes Minecraft

/current-coords - Used to tell the player their coordinates

/F3-Help - Displays Vanillas help for F3 shortcuts

/fullscreen - Toggle fullscreen on and off without having to go into the menu

/hitboxes - Enables/Disables the render of Entity hotboxes

/resource-reload - Reload resources (Such as resourcepacks, textures, sounds etc etc)

/screenshot - Takes a screenshot

/tooltips - Enables/Disables 



/day - Set's the time to day. *

/night - Sets the time to night *


Commands marked with * will also work on a server (Although the server must also have this mod and you must have permission)


I will add more to this mod as times goes on, feel free to suggest things in the comments.



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