Ever felt annoyed that you needed to press FN + F3 JUST to open the F3 menu on a laptop?

Have you ever wanted to REBIND any of the keys related to the F3 menu but couldn't because they're HARD-CODED?


⌨ Debug Keybind (the solution)

debug keybinds screen

Debug keybind is a mod that allows you to rebind the (previously) hard-coded F3 menu and all of it's actions.

Didn't like F3+Q? You can easily rebind it as if it was a normal keybind. Don't like F3+G? It can be rebound in the exact same way.

Just open the debug keybinds menu, and you'll be on your way!

🎮 Mod Dependencies?

Versions 9.0.0+ of this mod require BoxLib, a Client-side library mod developed by me.

👤 How do I open the Debug Keybinds menu?

Opening the menu is super simple. You can open it from your modloader's Config Screen, but it can also be opened with a conveniently placed button next to the normal keybinds button! new controls screen

🛠 Building

If you'd like to build this mod on your own machine, follow these steps.

  • Download the source code from GitHub (Code -> Download zip)
  • Extract the zip file onto your local machine, and open the folder.
  • Open a terminal prompt in said folder
  • Run the command "gradlew build"
    • The fabric build will be in "fabric/build/libs"
      • The forge build will be in "forge/build/libs"