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DeathLog tracks your deaths in all worlds and servers. It does this completely client-side and records important metadata like coordinates, dimension and even your entire inventory. Since version 0.2.0 onward however, DeathLog can also operate server-side and track all deaths of all players on that server, with native functionality for restoring a death snapshot. DeathLog can be used on both sides without being required on the other, however managing the server's database is significantly easier with a DeathLog-enabled client.


PSA: Version 0.2.0 onwards uses a different database format that is not backwards-compatible. You will have to either delete or rename your old deaths.dat file in order for DeathLog to work again. 



You can access your log from the vanilla Statistics screen. This is a global list, but by default will be filtered to only include deaths from the world or server you're currently in.



The search bar accounts for:
Item Names
World or Server Names
Death Messages

You can get your lost items back while in creative mode by simply clicking on them with your mouse wheel. Should you not have access to creative mode, it will copy an appropriate /give command

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