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The Custom mod for the Server Dragon Craft Super, but anyone can use it for anything.

Join the Dragon Craft Super Server Discord: https://discord.gg/mDbG9M4


Server Modpack: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/dragon-craft-super


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Make sure to read the update log on each version update.


There are 4 commands, cannot tab complete the players name:

/attribute <PLAYER> <ATTRIBUTE #1-4> <LEVEL>

Attributes are: 1) Attack damage, 2) Knockback resistance, 3) Max minecraft HP, 4) Resets the other 3 to the base value (1, 0, 20)

/checkform <PLAYER>

This checks the players Transformation level along with their race and if they have kaioken

/setcf <PLAYER> <FORM> <YES/NO>

This allows or removes access to the Kermit Form or OP Form item. Form is either Giunte or OP

/dbcsetform <PLAYER> <LEVEL>

This sets the players Super Form level


The mod also adds in 2 new ore, Cheese Blocks and Chaos Ore.

Cheese can be mined with your fist and is better than Dino Meat and Steak once Cooked, although it does not heal Stamina. 

Cooked Cheese can be used to make Armor or Tools. Using the pickaxe will give you Haste and right clicking the sword will give you other effects.

Chaos Ore can only be mined with a custom Pickaxe called Ore Breaker. It has very low durability.


Chaos Ore drops 1 of 7 different Gems, each giving a unique bonus. Combining them will lead to the Ultimate Gem.


There are unique foods, like Pink and Blue candy which can be used for tools or armor. Right clicking the Sword will give potion effects.

Sheep drop mutton, and if they are set on fire before dying they will drop a cooked version of it.


There are items to let players; Go above 100%, Increase their Form Level by 1 and give the player Divine status effect.


There are Red, Green and Blue colored GoD armor, along with Zeno clothes. 


There is a custom render of the Crescent Rose Scythe from Rwby, right clicking this sword will activate the hidden ability of a senzu, which can be gained every 100 hits. (Check the durability of the weapon).


Capsules; (S, M L) Health, (S, M, L) Energy, Revive and Stamina. Small Health and Energy capsules heal 5000 and 3000 respectively, Medium capsules Max HP *or* Max Ki times 20% + 5000 *or* 3000 (depending on if its HP or Energy capsule). Large is the same thing, but instead of 20% it's 50%. *Math for nerds: Medium HP = (maxHP*0.2)+5000). Medium Energy = ((maxKi*0.2)+3000)*.

The capsules will not allow you to go above your max amount of HP, Energy or Stamina.