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Craft different types of bread and gain status effects after consuming. | View Changelog

You need this installed on client and server.

Created by the same authors who made DarkRPG (for a full RPG experience, get the DarkRPG modpack and enjoy quests and rpg gameplay)



(Your vanilla experience will be further enhanced thanks to these features)

This adds more variety to the bread in the game. You can now craft different types of bread and gain longer duration status effects after consuming them. Combine all the custom breads together to craft a Pog Bread that gives you 1000 experience when consumed.

You can craft the following breads:-

  • Diamond Bread - Gain health boost for 10 mins
  • Redstone Bread - Gain regen for 10 mins
  • Obsidian Bread - Gain fire res for 30 mins
  • Prismarine Bread - Gain water breathing for 30 mins
  • Iron Bread - Gain strength for 10 mins
  • Gold Bread - Gain haste for 10 mins
  • Green Bread - Gain luck and hero of the village for 10 mins
  • Ender Bread - Randomly teleport 16 blocks in any direction
  • Pog Bread - Gain 1000 experience after consuming

It is recommended to use EMI / REI / JEI  to view the recipes






Permission - Feel free to use in your modpacks but they have to be hosted on CurseForge only and link back to this page.


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