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Craft end game weapons using a progression system to make even stronger weapons | View Changelog

You need this installed on client and server side.

Created by the same authors who made DarkRPG (for a full RPG experience, get the DarkRPG modpack and enjoy quests and rpg gameplay)



(Your vanilla experience will be further enhanced thanks to these features)
Craft powerful weapons using a progression system starting with the Dark Wooden Sword and progress all the way to the Dark Netherite Sword for a true end game weapon experience. This fills the gap between standard vanilla stats and mid-tier stats and gives users a progression to work towards and achieve stronger weapons along the way. Now includes a special End Game Netherite Armor set and tools! Start by crafting the Dark Core to begin your progression.

Better Combat & EMI are recommended for an even better playing experience. Use All The Trims to enable trims for the armor.



Permission - Feel free to use in your modpacks but they have to be hosted on CurseForge only and link back to this page.


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