Dark Utilities

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Dark Utilities

Dark Utilities is a utility mod which adds many new items and blocks which can be useful in a wide range of circumstances. While the usefulness of some things may not be obvious, everything in the mod has it's place. Please keep in mind that this mod requires Bookshelf as a dependency. Due to the large amount of content in the mod, it can be difficult to document everything in an easy to read and up to date way. If you use this mod, I would highly recommend Just Enough Items as well. Everything in Dark Utilities is given a description if you look through it's uses in JEI. 


This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code Darkhax for 30% off your first month of service!


To give you a taste of what this mod has to offer, bellow are some spotlights of items and blocks in the mod. I will change them periodically to draw attention to new content. 


Block Spotlight

  • Vector Plate - A basic conveyor belt which works as one might expect. When you place it down, it will have an arrow which points in the direction you are looking. When a mob steps on the plate it will be pushed in that direction. If a mob is sneaking, they will not be pushed. 
  • Sneaky Blocks - These blocks are based on existing blocks in minecraft. The key diference is that they can be changed to look like any other block. For example, a sneaky lever will act like a lever, but you can disguise it as another block. 
  • Ender Hopper - This is an upgrade to a normal hopper. When placed on an item container such as a chest, the hopper will teleport nearby items into the chest. This is very similar to the Vacuum Hoppers of old, but is much more server efficient, as it does not move items around. 

Item Spotlight

  • Null Charm - Right clicking with the charm will open up a filter GUI. When you pick up any items, if they are in the filter list they will be destroyed instead of picked up. This is very useful for mining, as you can just get destroy all that extra cobble. 
  • Enchanted Ring - These rings can be found in nether chests as a rare loot item. When in the offhand slot, or a baubles ring slot, they will increase the player's level for the enchantment listed on the tooltip. For example, if you have a fire aspect ring, and a weapon with fire aspect 2, that weapon will act like it has fire aspect 3.
  • Focus Sash - This item prevents 1 hit KOs. If you have full health, and are hit with an attack that would kill you, you will survive with half a heart remaining. This allows the player to survive very high drops, or give a second chance when fighting powerful mobs.  


Possibly Asked Questions

Q: Will this mod work on Multiplayer?

A: Yes, this mod should work on Multiplayer servers and LAN servers. For the mod to work properly, the server and all connecting players must have the mod installed in the mods folder. 


Q: Can you add support for _____ mod? / Can you add ____ feature?

A: If you have any ideas or suggestions for new features in the mod, feel free to contact me. The fastest way to get in touch with me is through my Twitter or by sending a private message to this curse account. 


Q: Can you add a configuration for ____?

A: Probably, please make a suggestion and I will look into it.



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