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Filename DarkUtilities-1.14.4-2.0..jar
Uploaded by MCModDev
Uploaded Nov 20, 2019
Game Version Forge
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  • Ported to 1.14.4
  • Added Import Plate and Export Plate. These are variants of the vector plate that can interact with blocks with inventories.
  • Added new trap variants for Mining Fatigue, Glowing, Hunger, Blindness, and Nausea.
  • Added Slime Crucibles. A new crafting mechanic based around feeding slimes to craft slimey items.
  • Added Slime Eggs. A spawn egg for slimes that can't change spawners.
  • Added new Mob Filter variants for Villagers, Illagers, Raid mobs, Golems, Named, and Explosion Immune mobs.
  • Added Conversion Dust. A new crafting mechanic that involves purifying and corrupting various blocks.
  • Added the Experience Charm. Increases EXP from kills and allows players to pick up EXP faster.
  • Added Redstone Randomizer. A block that toggles it's redstone signal state randomly.
  • Added Shielded Redstone Block. A block that only has a redstone signal on one side.
  • Added dark glass (by popular demand)
  • Added soul glass. A glass that has a redstone signal when it comes in contact with lava.
  • Added API and events for Slime Crucible and Conversion Dust.
  • Added tooltips to every item and block to explain what they do.
  • Added support for the Curios API.
  • Changed Vector Plate, Traps, all other flat blocks, and Filters to disable their effect when powered by redstone.
  • Changed Vector Plate, Traps, and all other flat blocks to be waterloggable.
  • Changed Mob Filters to have better inverted logic.
  • Improved textures for the Mob Filter. Also fixed a bug causing the inner item to look messed up.
  • Changed the textures of the trap blocks to all have unique rune designs. This was done to improve usability for color blind players.
  • Changed the model of all flat tile blocks such as the vector plate to have glow in the dark overlay textures.
  • Changed the Sleep Charm to slowly reduce the insomnia counter while worn. It still has it's old effects.
  • Removed microcrafting ingredients such as the wither dust and shulker pearl.
  • Removed Wither Dust Blocks. (Will be re-added in the 2.1 update)
  • Removed Sneaky Blocks. (Will be re-added in the 2.1 update)
  • Removed Monoliths. (Will be re-added in the 2.1 update)
  • Removed Fake TNT (Will be re-added in the 2.1 update)
  • Removed Maim Trap. Wasn't very useful and could break other mods.
  • Removed Redstone Timer (Will be re-added in the 2.1 update)
  • Removed Anti Slime Block. (Will be re-added in the 2.1 update)
  • Removed Lore Tags.
  • Removed Null Charm. (Will be re-added in the 2.1 update)
  • Removed Focus Sash. Deprecated by Totem of Undying.
  • Removed Block Update Detector. Deprecated by Observer Blocks.
  • Removed Dyed Slime Blocks.
  • Improved performance of the Ender Hopper.
  • Improved the show border setting of the Ender Hopper to look better.
  • Improved texture, model, and recipe file optimizations.

Huge thanks to my supporters on Patreon

  • NillerMedDild
  • Cameron
  • Pongo Sapiens
  • Darkosto

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