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Filename DarkUtils-1.12.2-1.8.185.jar
Uploaded by MCModDev
Uploaded Dec 5, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 602a32f44cd7740e45050f9ead32314e
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8


This is the first alpha for the 1.8 content update. Things may change, and more content is still planned.


  • Maim trap. Permanently lowers the max health of mobs on contact and will continue to do so until they have 1 heart left. Players and bosses are excluded from this and will take damage instead.
  • Player trap. Similar to the damage trap, but all damage is from a player source.
  • Monolith of Spawning. Overrides spawn checks in the same chunk, to allways allow the mob to spawn. Spawned mobs have 20% more health and attack damage.
  • Monolith of Experience. Absorbs experience orbs in the same chunk as it. EXP can be pulled from the reclaimed from the monolith.
  • Using wither dust on a skeleton will turn it into a wither skeleton.
  • Dispensing wither dust will turn skeletons into wither skeletons.
  • Pearl Ender Hopper. An upgrade to the old ender hopper that is instant, and doesn't spawn particles.


  • Fire trap now does 2 fire damage instead of 1.
  • Items and blocks with sub types (like traps) now have specific information pages in JEI.
  • The null charm now has 27 slots rather than 5.
  • Charms will now work in Baubles again.
  • Ender tether crafting now requires an unstable ender pearl. Normal pearl recipe removed.
  • Removed the recipe for the block update detector. Added a recipe to replace existing ones with Vanilla's BUD block.
  • Changed the recipes for lore tags, and added recipes for previously uncraftable lore tag colours.
  • Rewrote the recipe system to work better with ore dictionary and metadata.


  • The wither trap would not do damage to mobs if they stand on the plate.
  • Removed duplicate JEI information recipe registrations.
  • Ender Tethers are now significantly more performant.
  • Shulkers would not drop their pearls if you kill them.
  • Fixed a client side freeze when shift clicking items into the null charm.
  • Fixed being able to move the null charm item while accessing it's inventory.

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