Dark Roleplay Medieval

543,389 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 24, 2020 Game Version: Forge


The 1.14 version is a Pre-Alpha, and requries this MARG file to be run.
It's prone to bugs, bad performance and eventually crashes.




As a part of the Dark Roleplay mod group, Dark Roleplay Medieval's aim is to create an awesome RPG experience. Even though it's not even close to be done it already contains a bunch of new things.

At this moment (17.08.2017) it adds:

  • 50+ Decorative Blocks
  • 13+ Building Blocks
  • 11 Crafting Stations
  • 20 new Foods
  • new Equipment such as handheld telescopes
  • and a bunch of new items used as Crafting Ingredients

And much more to come!


Want to contact us? Maybe to suggest something or just to have a small talk?



(Donations are used for the mod, we just didn't make a custom image yet)


How to Install?

  1. 1. Get and install Forge
  2. 2. 2. Download and Install Dark Roleplay Core
  3. 3. Download this mod
  4. 4. Put both, Dark Roleplay Core & Medieval into .minecraft/mods/



Helpz I can't craft!11!!!11!
A1: You can open a Crafting GUI by pressing 'C' (by default)
A2: If A1 doesn't work for you, then rename the mod jar to not contain any plusses (+) or download the recipe fix file and put it into your mod folder.


Can I use this Mod in a Modpack?
A: Yes you can, but try to make it as an Curse Modpack when its possible.

When will you update it?
A: As often as I can, but I wan't to add more than 10 things in each update (Bug fix versions could be released earlier)

Can I send you suggestions for the Mod?
A: Yes using Discord: https://discord.gg/WCy3xr

Can we support you?
A: Of course just share this Mod with your friends and only download it from Curse ^^

Can you backport to 1.7.10?
A: NO, JUST NO. And please please stop asking me for this!



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