Dakimakura Mod

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Dakimakura Mod





A blank dakimakura can be crafted with 6 wool blocks.


Alternative dakimakura crafting recipe using 6 string and 3 wool blocks. (can be enabled in the config file)


Put a design on a dakimakura by crafting a blank dakimakura with a design.


If you have 2 designs you don't want they can be crated together to get a new random design.


To clear a design from a dakimakura craft it by its self.



Getting Designs

By default all hostile mobs have a 1% chance to drop a random design. (can be changed in the config)


Right click the random design to get it.



Adding Your Own Images

If you want to add you own images check the readme file in "<mc instance>\dakimakura-mod\readme.txt". 😏




If you have questions about the mod please come by the Discord server.


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Change Log

Version 1.5
-- All Versions --
Fixed corrupted colours on the back of daki's on some GPUs.
Fixed crash if invalid version string is in the config file.
Updated pack folder readme and allowed for more lang versions.
Added de_DE lang files. (Flummie2000)


Version 1.4
-- All Versions --
Allowed loading daki packs from zip files.
Added command `/dakimakura openPackFolder` to open the pack folder.
Added config options to set the daki cache times.
Updated ru_RU lang file. ([\V/972])

-- 1.9.4+ --
Fixed daki texture being flipped horizontally.

-- 1.11.2+ --
Fixed recipe sometimes not showing output.
Fixed dupe bug.


Version 1.3
-- 1.9.4+ --
Fixed random client crash related to entity dakimakuras data watchers being set wrong.

Version 1.2
-- All Versions --
Added en_UD lang file. (The-Fireplace)
Added ko_KR lang file, (_Hoppang_)
Updated nl_NL lang file. (MikaPikaaa)
Changed the way entity data watchers are registered.
Reduced delay between dakimakura textures loading.
Change the client cache to remove textures if not used for 20 minutes.
Fixed crash if the reload command is used when a client is downloading a dakimakura image.

Version 1.1
-- All Versions --
Fixed daki design recycle recipe eating full stacks and only giving one output item.
Fixed daki design apply recipe eating full stacks and only giving one output item.
Updated updated "dakimakura-mod/readme.txt".
Small code cleanups.
Updated ru_RU lang file. ([\V/972])
Updated zh_CN lang file. (TROU2004 & TartaricAcid)

-- 1.12.2 --
Fixed daki items not rendering their flipped state.

Version 1.0
Initial Release.


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