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This Mod runs in Minecraft Java edition version 1.15.2 and Forge version 31.2.


Added Items/Weapons

We added 26 dagger weapon items to the game and 4 new supporting items and 4 new supporting blocks to use with the crafting (and smelting) recipes for the added daggers and knives. The daggers have varying durability, attack speed, and damage based on the material they are crafted from. There is a variety of early game and late game dagger items to choose from and build from Wood up through Diamond and Obsidian daggers. 

The daggers currently include: 

  • Wood, Hardened Wood, Stone, Flint, Glass, Ruby, Emerald, Gold, Iron, Diamond, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Obsidian, Redstone, Crystal, Steel, Lapis, Quartz, Clay, Ice, Feather Dagger, Bread Knife, Bone Dagger, Cactus Dagger, Steak Knife.



This mod adds Crystal and Ruby ore blocks in terrain/ore generation before the server starts. To my current understanding, this means you will have to make a new world if you install this mod and it will be difficult or at least less fun to play if you try to add this mod to an already-built world. (i.e. you would have to most likely go out to un-rendered chunks to find the new ores which many times is not fun. Note that we have not tested installing this mod in use with already-built worlds and that's at your own risk. We would love to hear what happens though.) We have also not yet looked at making the ores compatible with other mods, so we have no information on if that will work.



Constructive feedback is much appreciated especially around game balance. We attempted to balance out the weapons so that none of them were gamebreaking if you added this mod to a purely/mostly vanilla experience. 



We have plans to continue to add more daggers and recipes and to update the mod to newer Minecraft and Forge versions. We also have jobs though, so it will be at that pace.