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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

This does not require D3Core! YOU MUST HAVE A MySQL DATABASE TO USE THIS MOD!!

Now you know who dug up your front lawn!


It is highly recommended to run the MySQL database on the same server because if the logger losses connection to the database IT STOPS WORKING!

If you do not know what a MySQL database is this isn't likely for you! We do not supply, support or manage any MySQL databases!

What it do?

  • Logs Players and events!
    • Block Placement (Example: Placing dirt.)
    • Block Breaking (Example: Player breaks stone.)
    • Entity Damage (Example: PvP and PvE.)
    • Entity Interactions (Example: Right clicking on cows with a bucket.)
    • Explosion damage (Example: Creepers and TnT. If hit with flaming arrow or flint and steel player is logged with it.)
    • Filling a bucket (Example: Picking up lava.)
    • World interaction (Example: Right clicking and left clicking.)
    • Throwing items out of inventories (Example: Dropping something on the ground.)
    • Killing Entities (Example: Killing a zombie. Players cause two events one for being killed and the killer.)
    • Items dropped on death (Example: Player dies and what is dropped only is logged. If something is kept then its not logged.)
    • Entity pickup (Example: Player picks up items from ground.)
    • Player anvil use. (Renaming is not logged.)
    • Using bonemeal. (Only logs at the source of use.)
    • Player sleeping. (Logs people trying to interact with a bed.)
    • Commands. (Command needs to exist for it to be logged.)
    • Chat.
    • Dimension changing.
    • Player Logging in/out and respawning.
    • Crafting. (Only guaranteed logging for vanilla crafting tables. May or may not work with modded ones!)
    • Smelting. (Only guaranteed logging for vanilla furnaces. May or may not work with modded ones!)
  • Roll back changes made! (Only supports block place/remove, explosion damage and filling buckets.)
  • Use a wand to look up changes in a block space!
  • Look up specific player changes!
  • Clickable coordinates in the lookup table!



  • /d3log
    • wand [target] -> Gives wand item to target or you.
    • help -> Displays all of the commands and help information.
    • lookup <target> -> Look at the event history of target.
    • rollback <target> -> Roll back all logged world changes by target.
    • purge <time|all> -> Remove records older than time (or all) from the database.


Something borked?

Get up to date builds here or Use the Issue list!  Don't forget the crash log!


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