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Filename Cyclic-1.11.2-1.4.0.jar
Uploaded by Lothrazar
Uploaded May 8, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 1.40 MB
Downloads 3,730
MD5 c3ce10b355ad58912dad85907a9de0b8
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


  • New Item: Cyclic Guidebook - only exists if you add the Guide API mod. This is an OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY
  • Removed Block Miner Advanced (the 3x3x3 one) since it was completely redundant, use the Controlled miner or Block Miner instead.
  • Air charm now works when not sneaking; INSTEAD it always lets you walk on air at normal speed, and sneaking will let you slowly descend.
  • Fixed Air Charm not letting you jump in midair unless you are standing still, so now you can airwalk and jump up one blockspace at a time.
  • Fixed the Structure Builder preview button.
  • Some of the more common/low powered Cyclic items have been removed from dungeon chest loot registry. 
  • Default configs changed:
    • Nether diamond spawn chance changed from 6 to 2,
    • End Diamond ore spawn change changed from 10 to 4,
    • Plant Despawning Saplings defaults to false.