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A compilation of small mods that I've deemed too small to make into individual projects, Cutting Edge will have (since there's currently only two!) several modules which can be independently disabled should you not like one or more of them. Different modules may have individual mod dependencies, even though the mod does not.

Even though the only modules may require specific mods to be present, the mod will still load (without any content!) if they are not installed. This is why they are not listed as dependencies. Some modules will not require any other mods.

Current modules:

  • Portacart: Adds a belt-slot bauble which lets the player summon a controllable minecart when sneak-right-clicking on rails with an empty hand. Requires Baubles.
  • Treetap: Adds a tree tapping kit and evaporator machine. Attach the tap to IC2 or MFR rubber trees to gather sap, pipe or bucket it into the evaporator to produce resin or rubber. An alternative to chopping down trees for automated rubber gathering. Requires IC2 or MFR.