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👋 Welcome to the CustomNPC+ Repository.

CustomNPC+ is a Minecraft mod that allows you to add custom NPCs to your world. It is developed for creative and storytelling players who want to make their Minecraft worlds more in-depth and unique. CustomNPC+ is only a branch version of the 1.7.10 Forge version of the original (down below) and has no plans to add or update any other version. This is not an official version of CustomNPC.

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Download CustomNPC+ CNPC+ Armourers Addon CNPC+ Gecko Addon

Download MPM+ Download PluginMod ResistanceX

❗ Notice

I am not the original creator of CustomNPC. The original creator is @Noppes. I have been permitted to update and develop my own branch version for 1.7.10. The original mod that is updated to the latest versions of Minecraft can be found on these links: CurseForge, kodevelopment

⬇️ Downloads

🔹 Installation

This mod is an update to CustomNPC and not an add-on. Do not install CustomNPC with CustomNPC-Plus. CustomNPC-Plus does not remove any functional features from the original mod. It expands upon CustomNPC with original features and backported features from newer versions. Simply drag CustomNPC-Plus into any client/server mods folder to utilize. Please backup before using as this could still have unforeseen errors. Report any bugs if found, thank you and enjoy.

❓ Features:

  • 1.8 Skin Support + Full Skin Textures
  • Flying NPC
  • Parts Additions: [Wings, Fins, Capes, Horns, Tail] - Hide Body Parts [Arms, Legs, Head, Body]
  • NPC and Player Animation / Animation Maker
  • Clone Tags, Filters, and more
  • Name Generator
  • Marks
  • Combat Enhancements
  • Hitbox / Tint Settings
  • JAPPA Style Textures
  • More Permission Nodes
  • Config Rewrite
  • Quest Party System
  • Overhauled GUIs
  • Client Settings Inventory

🔧 Scripting:

  • CustomNPC+ Api: API
  • Java Doc: JAVADOC LINK
  • Scripted Items
  • Scripted Block
  • Player Overlays
  • Custom GUI
  • Script Timers
  • Global Scripts
  • Script Logging
  • 1.12 Event Scripting
  • Player Scripting
  • Scripting Syntax (We never remove script functionality, only add on existing functions)

🔰 Visual Features:

Flying NPCs:


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Plugin Mod is a mod designed to add more aesthetic items for RPG and storytelling. It is compatible with CustomNPC+ and has many items intended to be used and wielded by created NPCs.

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