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For version 1.20 most of the blocks and items have been renamed.

Please backup your world when updating from version 1.19.3 or below to 1.20 or above.

Even though I have tested the remapping you should backup your savegame just in case.



Beginning with the mod version for Minecraft 1.18 both Forge and Fabric loader are supported.

Fabric API is mandatory if the mod is used with Fabric.



This mod adds nine new types of fences, fence gates and walls.

Unlike the vanilla fences mine all have two different types of wood, and all of them are available in many different wood / color combinations.




All types of fences can be seen in the images tab.



The fences can be crafted via the following recipes, for


fence "classic", fence "wildlife"

fence "decoration", fence "plank"

fence "garden", fence "bollard"

fence "stick", fence "crisscross"

fence "spire"



recipes for wooden fences



Crafting is also possible with other combinations of the vanilla wood types.

The fence gates have the same recipes without the bottom block in the middle.