Custom Main Menu

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Custom Main Menu/Actions

Actions are executed when a user clicks on a button or a text. There are various ones that can simply open guis,connect to servers or load a world.



  • type : The type of action, valid values are: openLink, openGui, quit, refresh, connectToServer, loadWorld, openFolder

The rest of the action properties are determined by the type of action:


  • link : The link that's supposed to open


  • gui : The gui that's supposed to open, click here for a list of the vanilla guis. This can also be a custom gui.


  • ip : The ip of the server to connect to


  • dirName : The name of the directory the save is saved in (in the saves folder).
  • saveName : Not really necessary, might appear as the name of the save in certain dialogs while loading the world.


  • folderName : Then name of the folder that should be opened. (Uses the .minecraft folder as the root folder)


quit and refresh do not require any additional properties.