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Thank you for viewing this page, Today we have a mod that adds a lot of fan-made discs into your game.

Hello so as you know... This mod is over 50mb now and we might need to reduce that.
If you want a smaller file size then just comment "yes". If you don't care about the file size or don't want to lose sound quality then answer "no"
I will make it smaller but it could take several hours/days maybe even a week.

Thank you for reading this!

I have permission from the owners of all of the discs listed below
Here is a list of the Current discs
-Grass - By "MalkPerson" on YouTube
-Ice - By "Pikpik36" on YouTube
-Lush - By "Terraainn" on YouTube
-Warped - By "rysm" on YouTube
-Omen - By "Naps-the-Block" on YouTube
-Scopophobia - By "mango-unit" on YouTube
-Tall - By "Naps-the-Block" on YouTube
-Shock - By "maplemickey" on YouTube
-Storm - By "Terraainn" on YouTube
-Aether - By "Redstonian [Emboar]" on YouTube.
-Mellohi Remastered - By "Ardun" on YouTube
-Dog - By "C418" on YouTube
-Null - By "SpringOnee" on YouTube
-Vengeful - By "doom_on_a_spoon" on YouTube
-Void - By "Brayden with a Y" on YouTube
-Tide - By "doom_on_a_spoon" on YouTube
-The End (End) - By "C418" on YouTube
-Float - By "Deesaster" on YouTube
-RGB - By "Terraainn" on YouTube
-Never gonna give you up - By "Rick Astley" on YouTube (Minecraft edit by "acatterz" on YouTube)
-Bricks - By "Gwyd" on YouTube
-Silence - By "Naps the Block" on YouTube
-Creep - By "RQD2" on YouTube
-Frost - By "superpi2" on YouTube


Those are the current music discs that is in this mod.
There are also crafting recipes, Here's a list



Grass Music Disc Recipes

This can be crafted with a Grass block and some iron as shown
Grass block Recipe



Ice Music Disc Recipes

This disc has 3 recipes. they all contain ice. You can craft this disc with Regular ice, Packed ice or Blue Ice

Ice Block Recipe 1

Ice disc recipe 2

Ice disc recipe 3


Lush Music Disc Recipes

The Lush Music Disc only has 1 recipe That uses vines

Lush recipe


Warped Music Disc Recipes

The warped music Disc consists or either Crimson vines or Warped Vines.


Omen Music Disc Recipes

The omen disc only consists of one recipe. it uses an Axe!


Scopophobia Music Disc Recipes

Scopophobia uses one endstone block to be created.


Tall Music Disc Recipes

The Tall disc consists of 1 recipe using an enderpearl


Shock Music Disc Recipes

The Shock Music Disc consists of 1 recipe using redstone.


Storm Music Disc Recipes

Storm uses one recipe that uses a water bucket


Aether Music Disc Recipes

The Aether disc is made by one glowstone


Mellohi Remastered Music Disc Recipes

The Mellohi remastered disc is made by gold and mellohi

Dog Music Disc Recipes

Dog is made by the music disc cat surrounded by Gold


Null Music Disc Recipes

Null is made by chorus fruit


Vengeful Music Disc Recipes

Vengeful is made by nether brick


Void Music Disc Recipes

Void is made by an End Crystal



Tide Music Disc Recipes

The tide music disc uses kelp to be crafted


The End (End) Music Disc Recipes

The End music disc is made with a dragon head half surrounded by diamonds and iron



Float Music Disc Recipes

Float uses a simple feather to be crafted.


RGB Wool (block) Recipes

This piece of wool is very easy to craft... that is if you have a piece of red wool, lime wool and dark blue wool


RGB Music Disc Recipes

Remember that RGB wool that you might have just crafted... well you're in luck because you use one RGB wool to craft this disc!


Never gonna give you up Music Disc Recipes

Yeah we all know the meme but rick rolling your friends (you hopefully have friends) and then having to run from your friends chasing you after you rick roll them is better than nothing.


Brick Music Disc Recipes

The name explains itself you just have to use some bricks and done you have a new music disc


Silence Music Disc Recipes

Sometimes we always think "one piece of wool is useless" Not anymore! With one piece of white wool you can get this brand new disc that should probably be in 1.17 but isn't! :D


Creep Music Disc Recipes

Whenever you collect those creeper heads from blowing up creepers from creepers you just want to make them have a use... And now there is a use!


Frost Music Disc Recipes

So you may always collect those snow blocks and then think "What else is there a use for snow blocks?" well there is a new use!










That's all for the recipes. I hope you enjoy the music discs.


More coming soon!!!