Cursed Mobs

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Cursed Mobs 1.12.2



This mod as you can guess by the name adds a handful of new monsters. the aim being to expand on the evil that lurks within the shadows at night with dynamic, multi staged mobs whilst also sticking to the ‘feel’ of vanilla minecraft.


It aims at being a light weight addition to any modpack and can be incorporated within all types of playstyles. Future updates will aim to expand upon the exisiting mobs and their abilities while also adding other high calibre content.






The ‘Netherlord’ can be summond using a structure similar to the iron golem but obsidian instead of iron and the cursed pumpkin over a normal pumpkin. He has multiple attack stages, is similar in strength to both vanilla bosses and drops powerful custom artifacts.





- Aero Skeleton




- Possessed Wolf






- Elder Mage


Advanced AI has been used to create mobs that give fuller more reactive fights rather then sword spamming.







Custom relics, potions and armor obtained through mob drops extend the boundaries of standard minecraft while maintaining balance. perfect for vanilla+ modpacks.




These new monsters also drop fragments of books which help the user though progression without having to constantly look up specific information on the mod.


Tips & Quick Guide:



- Enraging potions can be made with using aero bones on awkard potions, then further enhanced with darkened gems


- Nether lord made with 4 obsidian in T-Shape ( Similar to iron golem ) and a cursed pumpkin on top.


- Netherium shards can be smelted into ingots which can be used to make armor ( Shards dropped from Nether Lord )


- Spectral flesh can be smelted into Spectral Steak


- Shields are heavily recommended when against any of my mobs.


- Spawn rates can be altered through the config files




- More images are avaliable on the tab to the right.


Thank you for reading & you can post any problems below. 












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