Cubic Villager

87,044 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 27, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Using BC pipes

Send/Eject items with BC pipe.

Cubic Villager GUI

It look like villager trading GUI. But don't drop items when closed.

Profession Texture

Profession Texture in inventory

Making vacant villager block

Burn a villager block.

Making villager block slab

Use axe to make slab.

Revert to vacant block

Craft with two slabs.

Villager's drop

Drop some slabs and emeralds.

Reverting to villager

Place two emerald blocks.

Reverting to villager - 2

Then place villager block.

Heal the wand - 1

Need a emerald to heal the wand for 21 times.

Heal the wand - 2

One emerald is gone.

Create the wand

Use 2×blaze rods, 2×diamonds, 1×emerald block.