Cubi Fortunarum

27,778 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 9, 2021 Game Version: 1.17

Cubi Fortunarum, is a game of chance, a twist of fate, and a homage to the Mario powerup-block you know and love.

Note: due to harassment from another user over the naming of this project, it has been rebranded to Cubi Fortunarum. Comments will be disabled while CurseForge handles my report.


Cubi Fortunarum is a mod with a simple premise: craft the block and break it, and see what you get. Results range from stacks of Gold to exploding sheep, and even deadly surprises... 

There are 4 variants: Fortunarum, Enchanted Fortunarum, Chaos Fortunarum, and Enchanted Chaos Fortunarum. The most up-to-date and recent recipes can be viewed with a mod such as REI.



When you gather enough Fortunarum, you can craft mega variants. These blocks will instantly roll 9 events, creating maximum impact with the potential for massive fortune.



API & Customization

Cubi Fortunarum exposes a public API that makes it super easy to ship results with external mods. A Timeline system offers full control over the scheduling of the actions, and the registry allows you to specify the "intensity" of the result.



Ports & Forge

This mod will remain Fabric exclusive. Comments that ask for ports will be deleted.



Unlike the original mod inspired by Mario powerup blocks, which is licensed under All Rights Reserved, this edition is licensed under CC BY 3.0. This means you are free to do anything with this project and the code inside it, including (but not limited to) using it in modpacks, utilizing the code in the repository, showcasing it in YouTube videos, and stealing my textures. The only requirement is that you give appropriate credit and provide information about the original project license. Modding is a community sport, and projects should adapt licenses that support this mindset.