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CTD Mythos


Note: While marked as BETA, this mod is still not feature complete. Due to how CurseForge handles mods marked as "Alpha", it makes it difficult to get input/bug reports from potential users. Builds should be relatively bug-free, but still expect more content to come.


CTD Mythos, brought to you by TheMasterGeneral and KingRayRay Ray! CTD Mythos is a magic/Greek Mythology based mod.


Currently Added Features:

  • Human Effigy - Regenerates holder's health 5 seconds after being damaged. When used, it'll instantly heal 5 hearts, and fill your hunger bar.
  • Mule's Kick - Gives user 10 seconds of Speed.
  • Grim Shears - Used to snip a Villager/Player of their soul.
  • Talisman of Evasion - Teleports the holder away when they receive damage.
  • Amulet of Reaching - Allows player to reach blocks up to 10 blocks away.
  • Health Charm - Extends the user's health pool by 5 hearts, up to a maximum of 20 extra hearts.
  • Crystallized Woe - Gives slowness III when in your inventory. Crafting item.
  • Crystallized Fire - Extinguishes the holder. Crafting item.
  • Crystallized Memory - Gives weakness IV when in inventory. Crafting item.
  • Crystallized Oath - Crafting Item.
  • Crystallized Grief - Gives Blindness when in inventory. Crafting Item.
  • Crystallized Glove - Blocks Crystallized Gems effects when placed in your off-hand slot.
  • Longbow - Does more damage compared to the Vanilla Bow. Must be drawn back longer.
  • TMG's Drill - A melee weapon that removes armor from players you attack, at the cost of 1/3 of its durability.
  • Archeron Sword - A sword made from Archeron Ingots.
  • Teleportation Wand - Teleports user to spawn.
  • Flight Wand - Allows temporary flight. Place Diamond/Gold/Iron/Emerald in your off-hand and right click with the wand of flight to fly.
  • Cow Blood Droplet - Dropped occasionally from cows. Crafting Item.

Pedestal Multiblock

Pedestal setup. 

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