This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.


is a large mod that targets to combine two topics: fantasy and science.

Discover the mysterious powers of the elemental crystals that started spawning throughout the world. But beware, they can be fierce and even hazardous. Be careful when entering a forest, a Flame crystal might have set it ablaze. Watch out for Magma crystals as their power is truely disastrous. Fear the Storm crystal for it is the most ravaging natural crystal.

Even harvesting these forces of nature is tedious since these crystals are highly resistent. But you shall be rewarded for your effort. Contain the crystals' powers and exploit them for your benefit. Power your advanced circuits, program them, craft advanced tools and even terraformers. The possibilities are immense.

Your ultimate goal? To discover their origin - Utopia, the mythical land of crystalline matter. Everything there, including animals and foes, exist of crystals and great power inheres within. Reaching this legendary place, look out for new, even more astonishing crystals that can even teleport you or entirely create matter. Exploiting their powers will certainly enable you to rocketlaunch your society into the next age.

State of the Project

7 Crystals have been implemented along with the basic logic gates of circuitry. Many more components and gadgets to come! Many more tools and much more technology to arrive!

Latest feature is the coating technology which allows you to take the texture of any full block and apply it even to non-solid blocks! One way glass? Sure thing! Decorate your homes or hide your secret bases. This new feature comes with so many uses, it's amazing and fun to play with.

Next up: multiplayer support. That's right, no playing with your best pals yet. Packets aren't properly sent to clients causing them to be kicked off of your server at once whenever a feature utilizing custom packets is used.

Check out the Wikia page for more information and maybe even contribute information. It is really A LOT of work and I can't seem to find the time to take care of everything by myself. An awesome community assissting me would be a huge relief. :)


FlameAtronach aka Derija


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