Cruelars Triforcemod

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Cruelars Triforcemod/Progress Updates 1.14

As this mod is content is for you out there, I want to inform you about my progress updating this mod. Here I will list detailed what I still have to do and what I've already done, as well as an estimate on how complicated this will be.


  • Updating code to compile again (means not everything works but it I can start the game) Done
  • Updating Items and Blocks to use 1.14 Item.class methods instead of deprecated ones Done
  • Updating Entities to 1.14 EntityTypes Almost done, still need to actually initialize the EntityType, I now know how though
  • Updating Capabilities to use 1.14 SimpleNetwork and LazyOptional Almost done, still need to change some ClassCastExceptions, I now know how though
  • Updating EventHandlers to new/changed Eventbus Done, again massive thanks to Animefan8888 on the Forge Modder Support Forum
  • Updating TileEntities and Containers to 1.14 TileEntityTypes and ContainerTypes As Containers changed a lot, this might take some time, they might stay broken in the first update
  • Updating Textures Not top priority, feel free to make a resource pack or submit improved textures (16*16 for default items and blocks)