Croptopia adds

  • 58 ground crops.
  • 26 tree crops
  • over 250 foods to eat.


Croptopia also contains a guide book to help you craft all the recipes if you don't want to install JEI/REI. if you want to use the guide book you will need to install the Patchouli (Fabric) or Patchouli (Forge) mod. The book can be crafted with 3 crops from croptopia and a vanilla book.

Patchouli Book

Collecting Crops

There are various methods to collect crops depending on the version of the mod you are using.

(1.16 and 1.17) Seeds for crops can be obtained by breaking tall grass and ferns in biomes categorized as plains, swamp, savannah, forest, and taiga. Depending on configuration settings you may or may not need to use a hoe.

(1.18+) In any version 1.18 and above you can obtain crops by breaking them in the wild and you can no longer get them by breaking grass.

Crops can be collected by right clicking the fully grown crop and the same applies for fruits on trees.

To collect saplings, harvest two tree fruits and a sapling and then craft them together to make a fruit sapling.

Source Code

All suggestions or issues should go on the github page. https://github.com/ExcessiveAmountsOfZombies/Croptopia

You can also join my discord for all my mods if you have questions. https://discord.gg/GZjtAn3F6W

Dependency: For croptopia versions 3.0.0+ you will need to download Epherolib, otherwise it won't work.