Critters and Companions requires Geckolib

Critters and Companions is a vanilla-style creature mod which will fill the overworld with new animals!


Current mobs:

- Otter: Spawns in rivers. Otters will open clams to find pearls - clams can be obtained by fishing in rivers. Pearls are used to craft the pearl necklace!

- Ferret: Spawns in plains and forests and can be tamed with raw rabbit to help you hunt chickens and rabbits. Tamed ferrets can dig for loot after being fed raw chicken - 5 minute cooldown.

- Koi fish: Spawns in rivers and can be picked up with a bucket. Groups of koi fish will give the player luck.

- Dumbo octopus: Spawns in deep oceans and can be picked up with a bucket. When a player is drowning, nearby dumbo octopuses will help by giving them a bubble helmet.

- Sea bunny: Spawns in oceans and can be picked up with a bucket. Sea bunny slime can be obtained with glass bottles and used to craft sea bunny slime blocks.

- Dragonfly: Spawns over rivers, can be tamed with spider eyes. When tamed, dragonflies can be given dragonfly armour, crafted with ingots in a horizontal line of 3.

- Leaf insect: Spawns in forests and dances to music :)

- Red panda: Spawns in jungles and sleeps through the day. Breedable with bamboo, and tameable with sweet berries. When tamed, red pandas will scare away most aggressive neutral mobs!

- Shima enaga: Spawns in snowy biomes, tameable with seeds.

- Jumping spider: Tamed with dragonfly wings and will protect the player. Drops jumping spider silk, which can be used to craft the silk leash and silk grappling hook.


Josh/Joosh - Art
EterDelta - Coding the mod
Scratchy - Sound effects
Lytho_ - Fabric port


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