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Ever wanted to be more then just a human?

Welcome to CreRaces, this mod is all about different races and how these different races take on different environments, in what ways they can use their abilities to either change or improve everyday things in Minecraft as well as learning how to overcome them!

The "Race Changer" item is used to change race if you didn't like the race you selected on-startup. (Creative Only)
Click here for Experimental CreRaces!

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Races as of b1.8:

  + Undead

  + Dwarf

  + Dragonborn

  + Harpy

  + Fairies

  + Mermaid

  + Elementalist

  + Golem

  + Nymphs

  + Beastmen

  + Giant

  + Elf

  + Velox

  + Pixie

  + Troll

  + Orc

  + Kitsune

  + Ratkin

  + Slime

  + Goblin 

A more detailed explanation is only available in-game at the moment.



A quicky by Topothetop: (5:13)

A pretty long and indepth talk about the current and future of CreRaces by Azeroth76:


CreRaces Servers:

Beasts and Magic -  A server modpack that's owned by LevyTrotsky and developed/maintained by TeyTey428 which is designed to: Better the experience and add more content to the game. For example Biomes o' plenty to add more biomes into the game and more building blocks in general.


Moonlit Myths - A server modpack that's developed/maintained by PrismaticRose which has: Skills, Levels, Dungeons, Magic, Dragons, Quests, and adventure to your heart's content as there is no shortage of things to explore, pillage, collect, tame, and conquer. But be warned, some many creatures and beasts wish to see your demise, and so too will the darkness consume you. With great challenges comes great reward, and with patience comes success. Will you be able to tame the wilds?


Buncraft - A server modpack that's developed/maintained by Rina Ryusagi which contains: CreRaces, MineColonies, Ars Nouveau, Malum, Mana & Artifice, Create, Pneumatic Craft, Immersive Engineering, Better Combat, Epic Fight, Improved Mobs, Tetra, Apotheosis, Traveler's Backpack, Nomadic Tents and a lot more!


Supported Mods:

Mermaid Tail Mod & Mermod for the Mermaid race, If installed gives the Mermaid users a Deep Sea Necklace.

Wings some races uses Wings as a part of their kit meaning it isn't needed but I would recommend using it if you can!

Vampirism some races cannot become Vampires.

Werewolves some races cannot become Werewolves.


Incompatible Mods:

Medieval Craft when installed a lot of Vikings will spawn inside of the Fairy Tree for some reason.

TRansliterationLib has gotten reports that it might cause some issues with either CreRaces or Pehkui!

Nicknames of any sort might mess with Pehkui!

Other mods that use Pehkui might not work as intended! 

Cromta's Solo Leveling mod causes some issues with the mod, seems to be blocking some calls from being executed or similar.

Cromta's Solo Leveling

Dragon Survival or the Geckolib mod has been reported to cause races not to save on-death!

Performant seems to case movement related issues with Pehkui.


Known bugs:

Sometimes the Mermaids underwater effects stay when going on land, they'll refresh if you touch water (no clue why this is happening randomly)

There are a lot of balance problems at the moment and if you happen to see something that's really OP please let me know!

The Nether Portal animation gets screwed up if you have some Overlays active like the Thermometer (toggled using /racegui or with the Thermometer right-click also disables it)

If a player with the "Thorns" potion effect is attacked by a Guardian/Elder Guardian their client will crash (this only really effects the Dryad)

All Translations are currently bugged and will be fixed shortly.

CreRaces for 1.16.5 is not fully supported meaning some things can be either bugged or just not work correctly...


Supported Versions:

1.7.10: N/A: None

1.12.2: N/A: None

1.14.4: N/A: None

1.15.2: AWS: "Abandonware Support"

1.16.5: LTS: "Long Term Support"

1.17.1: AWS: "Abandonware Support"

1.18.2: ADS: "Active Dev Support"

1.19.2: ADS: "Active Dev Support"

1.19.4: STS: "Short Term Support"

1.20.1: ADS: "Active Dev Support"

Do Note that CreRaces Classic supports more versions than CreRaces!



1. How do I change race? - You can reset your race by either entering the command "/creraces reset <username> <randomnumber>" or by using a "Race changer" item.
(Cheats does need to be enabled to use the "/creraces" command however)

2. Will a config be added to the mod? - Yes, the individual race configs are located in the "creraces" folder in the configs folder.

3. Backporting? - Not at the moment but when the mod is finished there is a chance of that happening.

4. Will you add physical features to the races? - Maybe, Sizes and particles are already added but extensions like horns, wings etc will be annoying to add due to me having to position them differently when the player is either crouching, riding, sleeping etc. (But I might go though the trouble in the future)

5. I can't find some races? - Some races are hidden and only accessible by enabling Experimental Mode inside the config menu. ("/raceconfig")

6. What is AP / AD and what does it do? - It's different kinds of scaling options. (Check the pins in general for more info)

7. Porting? Not at the moment, all supported version are listed on the CurseForge page.

8. Fabric? - No, there are a lot of good race mods for Fabric already and I don't really like the Fabric API that much...

9. How does runes work? - If you're playing as either the Elementalist or Elf you can right-click with any elemental rune to gain its enhancement.

10. How does Coins work? - Coins are dropped by either Undead or Illager mobs which are automatically added to your Wallet which can be spent inside of the Item Shop block.

11. How does Skillpoints work? - You gain Skillpoints by converting Coins into Skillpoints inside the Item Shop block, Skillpoints are used by some races to level-up certain abilities like the Golem & Dryad.

12. How do I move the RaceHUD? - Currently it scales with your GUI size meaning if it's in the middle of the screen the odds are that you're on a smaller GUI scale. So to fix it you have 2 options, either change your GUI scale or type "/racegui" to hide it.







  Items/Blocks/Misc: MooseGoneMad & mc_jojo3

  Splash Art: Qrow & Unknown



  Music: Crippledcarl1

  Sound Effects: Crippledcarl1, mc_jojo3 & Unknown







Translations: (Currently broken)

  English - mc_jojo3

  Swedish - intnet1_ & mc_jojo3

  Russian - Destroyer4ik & Semandir








  The Error



  Pepeba Peba



  Duck Overlord





These are subject to change!!!

If you'd like to help out in the making of models, textures etc.

(coding is fine for now but anything else is very appreciated and will speed up development time massively!)


Made by: mc_jojo3