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Creatures From The Snow [Fabric]



This mod aims to improve Minecraft's boring snowy biomes with vanilla mobs, blocks, items, & structures. Go check out our images for a better look!

 đź“ť Current Features:


Penguin- Found mostly anywhere there is ice spawning, they come in 2 variants. They have some unique features as well like when bred they will hold there egg until it hatches. Penguins love to slid at any random moment , baby penguins & foxes love to play around with each other. They also spawn in huddles of more then one penguin, as well as spawning with snow seals. At times they will dive into the water to hunt for there favorite food "cod".
Snow Wyrm- these rare creatures are found at times in snowy plains. They like penguins when bred will obtain an egg that will hatch after about 20 minutes. More uses are soon coming for this creature.

Snikerbosh- these mysterious mobs spawning in snowy plains will steal player's loot at times and they will not give it back. They sleep during the night zzzz.
Seal- These small guys are found on snowy beaches, they are always in groups/packs, will sometimes jump into the water too hunt cod, they run away from polar bears and other predators
Frost Trover- Found mostly anywhere in the snowy plains, they can be ridden with a saddle giving them the nickname "Horses of the snow".
Narwhale- these adorable water creatures are found anywhere in the frozen oceans, they love players following them around in there boats, narwhale will randomly chip off pieces of there tusk, if your able to obtain 3 chipped tusks then you can craft a full one with uses coming soon.
Beluga- Found like narwhales in frozen oceans these guys are adorable and also love players, they at random time shed of skin called "beluga fat" which can be eaten for many hunger points, more uses coming soon.

Reindeer- this creature can be ridden and "flown", if you enchant red carpet with reindeer sky it will be able to fly but only at midnight, naming it "rudolph" will change its texture to have a festive suit and a shiny red nose, when near snow leopards, wolves, and polar bears they will run away crying.

Snow Leopard- These majestic creatures are found rarely throughout the snowy biomes, they can be tamed with mutton making them a good bodyguard for ones self, if near there targeted prey they will stalk and pounce on them, they will also give the player the effect of "Leopard Strength" which gives speed and extra strength.
Snow Giraffe- 10ft tall and adorable , these guys are the largest land animal too roam the snowy biomes, they can be saddled and chested for the player too store tons of loot.

Orca- They likes to player with the player loot if its in the water , at random points they will dive out of the water like dolphins, there number 1 prey is the snow seal, they don't like the taste of humans so your good :).

Yeti- These harmless to the player creatures keep the snowy biomes safe by taking out any strays, zombies, and other dangerous mobs. Repair them using chocolate to keep them from dying. They love being near penguins.



Frozen Feather Block- can be crafted with 4 penguins feather, it is used as decor
Snow Giraffe Fur Block- can be crafted with 4 snow giraffe fur, it is used as decor
Snow Bricks Blocks-block,slabs,stairs,walls
Cut Ice Brick Blocks
Cut Ice Blocks


Chocolate- this delicious treat is crafted with an egg, cocoa beans, sugar, & wheat
Frozen Chocolate- found in better igloo chests they can be put in the smoker to turn into chocolate
Beluga Fat-
 can be eaten, belugas drop it when the shed off their skin

Chipped Narwhal Tusk- narwhales will drop this randomly

Narwhal Tusk- crafted with 3 chipped narwhal tusks, used to make the sword

Narwhal Tusk Sword- Crafted with one fully crafted narwhal tusk and a stick, they do some damage to the one is being attacked.
Penguin Feather- penguins will drop this randomly or obtained through drops, used to craft frozen feather block 
Snow Giraffe Fur- this item will be dropped randomly from snow giraffes or obtained through drops, used to craft Snow Giraffe Fur block
Empty Mug- crafted with 5 bricks, it can be placed down as a block
Mug of Milk- crafted with an empty mug and a bucket of milk, can be placed down as a block
Mug of Chocolate Milk- crafted with a mug of milk and chocolate this delicious drink will give regeneration and speed, can be placed down as a block


Reindeer Sky- enchant leather horse armor then put it on a reindeer and at night you can jump of a high edge with your reindeer and if you continue to jump it will fly!
Hoofty- coming in 2 levels which can also be added to leather horse armor then put on a reindeer for it to have swiftness!

both found in snow village or better igloo chests!


Creatures From The Snow currently adds 1 new structure

Better Igloo- Found generated in snowy plains, snowy taigas, & snowy slopes inside a penguin will accommodate you with a mug of milk and chocolate, a chest is found inside with guarantee of a reindeer sky or hoofty enchant!


Enjoy this mod? If so consider joining our discord server https://discord.gg/DmPZVatNS9 to stay up to date with our latest development, updates, & more!