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Creatures and Beasts



Creatures and beasts requires Geckolib

 Creatures and Beasts is a fantasy creature mod which fills each biome with new mobs, from the plains of the overworld to the void of the end!

Current mobs:

-The little grebe: Cute little birds that live in rivers and lakes. They like to eat fish and carry their babies on their backs!

-The lizards: A small friend from the jungles and deserts. If you find a sad one, you can cheer it up with apple slices, their favourite snack. They also like music!

-The cindershell: These passive volcanic tortoises wander the nether wastes feeding on fungus. When killed, they will drop shards of their shell, which craft a sword that can be imbued with lava. They can also be equipped with a cinder furnace for an unlimited fuel source!

-The sporelings: Sporelings are little mushroom creatures found throughout the nether and overworld. They will do their best to remove any curses from your gear without breaking it too much, and can be tamed with bonemeal :D When tamed, you can pick them up by equipping a sporeling backpack and shift right clicking them.
(The sporelings support lgbtqia2s+ because the sporelings are cool)

-The lilytad: A shy little swamp-dwelling creature that likes to hide in shallow water, disguising itself as a lilypad. Its flower can be sheared and will grow back after 15 minutes.

-The minipad: These are an axolotl-like subspecies of the lilytads. At night, they light up the swamps with their glowing flowers, which can be used to craft flower crowns! 

-The yeti: These powerful beasts spawn in snowy tundra biomes and will remain neutral until the player gets too close to their babies, but you can earn their trust with melon slices, or breed them with berries.
If a baby yeti grows up while trusting the player, they will become tamed. Tamed yetis won't follow the player, but they will defend them.

-The cactem: Prickly little desert friends that live in tribes lead by an elder. Cactem elders will pick up dropped totems and give you either something valuable, or something completely useless in return.

-The end whale: These giants roam the void of the end, and can be tamed and ridden with chorus fruit and a saddle. But tamed whales won't follow you unless you're holding food. 


Josh/Joosh - Art
HellionGames - coding the mod
Christian#9544 and AzureDoom#3690 - contributions to the code
Rabbit115#3767, Siarpa#7165, and Funado#2998 - Translations

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