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Release Items 1.18

For Minecraft Forge 1.15.2, 1.16.4/5, 1.17.1, 1.18.1/2, 1.19.2, and 1.20.1
Thanks to community contributions, now also for Fabric 1.18.2, and 1.19.2
Please note that development on the Fabric version is community driven!

Also, check out:
Builders Crafts & Additions!


Community Discord for CC&A:

Create Crafts & Additions extends Create and acts as a bridge between electricity and kinetic energy from Create by adding an Electric Motor which generates kinetic energy from Forge energy and an Alternator which does the opposite at 75% efficiency. To craft these items you need to make a Rolling Mill which is a kinetic machine that is used to make rods and wires. All the recipes are available through JEI.

- Electric Motor: Generates kinetic energy from Forge Energy, provides a ComputerCraft peripheral.
- Alternator: Generates Forge Energy from kinetic energy.
- Rolling Mill: Used to craft Wires and Rods.
- Creative Generator: Generates a limitless supply of Forge Energy.
- Connectors & Wires: Wires for energy transfer.
- Redstone Relay: Controls energy flow with Redstone.
- Accumulator: Multiblock energy storage.
- Portable Energy Interface: Transfer energy to and from contraptions.
- Tesla Coil: Charges electric items, and can also be used to inflict damage to Players and Mobs.
- Digital Adapter: Allows Computercraft computers to talk to various Create blocks (See API).
- Biomass: Pellet, Fuel.
- Chocolate and Honey Cake.
- Diamond Grit Sandpaper.
- Straw: Applied to a Blaze Burner will give it the ability to burn liquid fuels.
- Barbed Wire block.
- Biomass, Biomass Pellet, Sead Oil, and Bioethanol.
- Various wires, rods, spools, and other crafting components.

Legacy Features:
- Induction Heater (Removed in 20220710a): Heats furnaces using Forge Energy (Replaces External Heater from Immersive Engineering).
- Charging Station (Removed in 20211122a): Charges electric items.
- Furnace Burner (Removed in 20220709a): Furnace which doesn't require a smelting recipe to run.
- Crude Burner (Removed in 20220709a): A Furnace Burner that is fueled by liquids such as Seed, Plant, Crude, and Creosote Oil.
- Accumulator (Replaced with multiblock): Energy storage.
- Overcharged Hammer: A powerful throwable melee weapon (only in 1.16).
- Multimeter  (only in 1.16).

Added Compatibility & Integration:
- Recipe compatibility with Simple Jetpacks 2 (Electric Jetpacks).
- Recipe compatibility with Immersive Engineering (External Heater, Lapis Sheet pressing, Sphalerite mineral deposit, Alloys, Treated Wood).
- Recipe compatibility with Mekanism (Rose Quartz Enriching & Metallurgic Infusing).
- Recipe compatibility with Tinkers Construct (Alloys).
- Recipe compatibility with Applied Energistics 2, the Tesla Coil can be used to charge Certus Quartz.
- Integration with ComputerCraft, the Electric Motor, and more can be used as a peripheral (See API).

- What is the recipe for X? - Use JEI to see the current recipes.
- Can I use this in a modpack? - Yes, distributed with credits to the source on GitHub (Which an unmodified release has), and in accordance with the MIT license.
- I found a bug, what do I do? - Create an issue on my GitHub page by clicking the Issues tab above or leave a comment below, please always provide, the Forge version, Create version, and Create Crafts & Additions version and a log in the event of a crash.
- I have a suggestion, where can I be heard? - Create an issue on my GitHub page by clicking the Issues tab above or put it on Discord.
- Can I create a language translation? - Yes, get the current translation on my Github and then create a pull request to submit your translation.

- en_us, sv_se
- ko_kr thanks to KyleHeren
- es_es thanks to FrannDzs, Authoralbertosaurio65
- pt_br thanks to Mikeliro (outdated)
- zh_cn thanks to liuseniubi
- ru_ru thanks to sashafiesta, Cheeese
- de_de thanks to Knalli65 HD
- ja_jp thanks to CkenJa
- fr_fr thanks to Luc_Creeper74
Fabric port thanks to thatguynamedalpha, Fluffy Bumblebee.
1.15 Backport thanks to LobsterJonn (outdated)
New item sprites by THEREDSTONEBRO.
Logo by Facunditto