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Create: New Age

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This addon requires Botarium to work

Create: New Age is an addon for the Create mod that adds integration with electricity.

Here are the features features:

  • Electricity generation using large spinning copper coils with magnets.
  • Motors (Not just one motor!) which can generate rotation from electricity.
  • Energiser which lets you craft a few new items using rotation and electricity.
  • Multi block nuclear reactors which can easily generate tons of heat that can be used in Create's boilers to boil water for your steam engines.
  • Wires that allow one to transfer energy around easily.
  • Solar panels which can generate heat.
  • A heat system which allows you to transfer heat generated by solar panels and nuclear reactors to other places.


Is this addon compatible with Create: Crafts & Additions?

Yes, the two addons should be able to work together.

I don't like some unrealistic parts of this mod, is there an easy way to remove them?

There is a datapack builtin into this mod called "Create: New Age [Monkey Edition]" which removes recipes for a few magnets, removes recipes for the first tiers of the energiser leaving only the last one, removes recipes for overcharged iron, gold and diamond as well as modifies the recipes that use them.

Can I configure this mod?