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Create: misc and things add some utility, building, and fun small things that don't fit in a theme. Gun made with a spout, Train Station Speaker, Building blocks...


New Glue making method :


Spout Gun :

Use Spout Gun to shoot liquid to your enemies!


Cards :

Put a Card in a card inscriber and make unique cards: scripted card can't be reproduced by other players. Use the Card Reader to validate your card!

⚠️Cards can't be faked by another player because the player name is registered too

Card Reader

Speaker :

The speaker does a sound and sends a custom message in the chat. The perfect block for a train station!


Traffic Signs :

Decorate your train tracks and avoid accidents!

Traffic Signs

Sticky Launchers :

Jump like a rabbit! Use a sticker to craft the Copper Launcher and a Copper Launcher to craft the Brass Launcher!


Misc blocks :

Neon tube: Throwable Torch, allows you to explore caves and decorate your builds! Powdered Obsidian block: Breakable with a Diamond Shovel, perfect for a trap!

Misc Blocks

Misc items :

Crushed Magma: Good fuel source, cook 12 items. Slime Porridge: Right-click a Slime with this to make it grow. Portable Whistle: Station Masters need this!

Misc Items

Magnifying Glass:

Put a card in your second hand and use the Magnifying Glass to see the script of a card.

Vibration Mechanism:

Used in crafts for new items.

Mending Rune:

Repair all items with the mending enchantment. The mending rune takes XP from your XP bar to repair items.



Building Blocks :

Building Blocks

You can put this mod in your modpack.

Install jei to see all the recipes.

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