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Create : Gravity is a simple Create addon, turning the End Dimension into something more Moon-themed with 2 simple tweaks



This mod allows you to make certain biomes (and therefor dimensions):

  1. Not have oxygen (if you run out of air, you will take damage)
  2. Have low gravity

By default these two functionalities will be applied to biomes of the end dimension


Biomes can be configured as low oxygen and / or low gravity biome, for example:

  • minecraft:plains;75;-0.3
  • or #forge:is_hot;;-0.8 (uses the default oxygen factor of 100)
  • or terralith:alpha_islands;100; (uses the default gravity factor of -0.8)

The Oxygen factor has to be above or equal to 0 (a value of 0 will disable the logic for said biome)

  • Higher values will cause the oxygen to deplete at a lower rate

The Gravity factor has to be between -1 (will disable gravity entirely) or 0 (disables gravity logic for said biome)

In addition, the following things can be configured as well:

  • Amount of damage and the rate at which the player does get damaged
  • Whether wearing a diving helmet is required to make the backtank functional (i.e. use the air supply)
  • The rate at which the player loses oxygen (this will always be slower if a player is wearing a diving helmet)
  • The rate at which the backtank air supply gets depleted


Item tags

  • create_gravity:anti_low_gravity_boots: Will disable the gravity effect of said biome (when worn in the boots equipment slot)
    • Contains create:copper_diving_boots and create:netherite_diving_boots by default
  • create_gravity:diving_helmets: Will decrease the rate at which oxygen drains (when worn in the helmet slot)
    • Contains create:copper_diving_helmet and create:netherite_diving_helmet by default
  • create_gravity:backtanks: The logic will look for an NBT entry of Air (when worn in the chest slot)
    • Contains create:copper_backtank and create:netherite_backtank by default
    • If present and the value is above 1 it will be decreased by 1, supply oxygen and the oxygen damage ticks will reset
    • If no backtank is equipped the oxygen damage ticks will increase and once they reach the configured value (default is 60) then the player will take damage
    • By default, the Create backtanks will have this tag - though you can add other items and handle the addition of this tag yourself

Entity Type tags

  • create_gravity:low_gravity_blacklist: Will cause the entity to not be affected by the gravity change (contains #forge:bosses by default)


The mod should be compatible with some other space suits mods (Futurepack and Space Dimensions suits seems to be working)

No explicit compatibility has been made so far (might be the case in the future)


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