Welcome to Create Enchantment Industry, a mod offering more tools and methods to handle experience & enchantment in Create.


FabricQuilt Looking for Fabric/Quilt support?

We currently offer:

  • Liquid Experiecne: High-density experience that is easy to store and transport.
  • Disenchanter: disenchant item and collect experience as liquid.
  • Blaze Enchanter: automated enchanting.
  • Printer: Copy your written book, enchanted book, name tag and train schedule.
  • Deployer & Crushing Wheel Tweak: Kills of Deployer & Crushing Wheel drop experience nugget.
  • Hyper-enchant mechanism allows you to get enchantment whose level is higher than level cap.
  • Mending on belt: Items enchanted with Mending can be repaired using Spout and Liquid Experience.
  • Deployer with Sweeping Edge: Deployer now benefits from sword with Sweeping Edge Enchantment.

Compat with other mods

  • Experience Rotor: Convert liquid experiece of other mods to Liquid Experiece of this mod.
  • Compat with Apotheosis: Automatic adaptation to Apotheosis & Brewable Ancient Knowledge potion.
  • Compat with Quark: Ancient Tome can be copied by Printer (Use any enchanted book as material).

Installation Requirements: Forge & Create


RBus (Polish localization)
qkrehf2, AsseyGithub (Korean localization)
Omokage-R (Japanese localization)
Daniel366Cobra, luffypirat (Russian localization)
albertosaurio65 (European Spanish localization)
MEGATREX4 (Ukrainian localization)
EvanHsieh0415, cvrunmin (Traditional Chinese localization)
Archerymaister (German localization)
Luc_Creeper74 (French localization)
Bjorkan (Swedish localization)
TheLegendofSaram (Mexicon Spanish localization)