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LogoCreate Decoration Casing

Create Decoration Casing is a mod that adds lots of block variants for minecraft and create mod casings to make buildings and decorations with this block and make wonderful builder and factory and Roleplay city

[Forge] To have the textures connect you must install the mod: ConnectedTexturesMod
[Fabric] To have the textures connect you must install the mod: CTM Refabricated

Note :
Create Decoration Casing V1.0.0 - 2.0.0 for Create V0.5.0
Create Decoration Casing V3.0.0 for Create V0.5.1


! Quilt ModLoader break some mod texture !

I will not make official support for Quilt Sorry



Thank you for your support

we have already reached 1000 downloads in just 5 days ! ! ! (02/01/2023)

From 1000 to 2500 downloads we did it in 6 days ! ! ! (08/01/2023)

From 2500 to 5000 downloads we did it in 11 days ! ! ! (19/01/2023)

From 5k to 10k downloads we did it in 15 days ! ! ! (03/02/2023)



WithoutCTMWith CTM


All Block Andesite Casing

All block Andesite CasingAndesite Casing Craft

Andesite Casing Craft

All Block Brass Casing

All block Brass Casing


Brass Casing Craft

Brass Casing Craft


All block Copper Casing

All block Copper Casing

Copper Casing Craft

Copper Casing Craft


All Block Railway Casing

All block Railway Casing

Railway Casing Craft

Railway Casing Craft


List new block :

Andesite Casing :

- Andesite Casing Slab

- Andesite Casing Stairs

- Andesite Casing Fence

- Andesite Casing Wall

- Andesite Casing Trapdoor

- Andesite Casing Door

- Andesite Casing Fence Gate

- Andesite Casing Pressure Plate

- Andesite Casing Button


Brass Casing :

- Brass Casing Slab

- Brass Casing Stairs

- Brass Casing Fence

- Brass Casing Wall

- Brass Casing Trapdoor

- Brass Casing Door

- Brass Casing Fence Gate

- Brass Casing Pressure Plate

- Brass Casing Button


Copper Casing :

- Copper Casing Slab

- Copper Casing Stairs

- Copper Casing Fence

- Copper Casing Wall

- Copper Casing Trapdoor

- Copper Casing Door

- Copper Casing Fence Gate

- Copper Casing Pressure Plate

- Copper Casing Button


Railway Casing :

- Railway Casing Slab

- Railway Casing Stairs

- Railway Casing Fence

- Railway Casing Wall

- Railway Casing Trapdoor

- Railway Casing Door

- Railway Casing Fence Gate

- Railway Casing Pressure Plate

- Railway Casing Button

license: I authorize the use of my mod in modpacks on curseforge on the other hand I prohibit any reupload of my mods without my authorization