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Create Deco is the best mod around for taking your industrial, urban, or steampunk builds to the next level. With everything from catwalks to cage lamps and shipping containers to sheet metal, Create Deco integrates flawlessly with the existing selection of building blocks in Create.

Block Sets

Create Deco has a number of block sets with each being available in six materials, those being Andesite, Zinc, Iron, Industrial Iron, Copper and Brass.

An image of the entire set of Copper blocks in Create Deco

The block sets included are:

  • Support Blocks
  • Support Wedges
  • Train Hulls
  • Catwalks
  • Catwalk Railings
  • Catwalk Stairs
  • Cage Lamps (available in four light colors!)
  • Sheet Metal
  • Windows (+ panes!)
  • Bars (+ opaque paneled bars)
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Coin Stacks (+ coin items)
  • Doors
  • Ladders

And more to come!!!

Additional Decor

On top of sets of metal blocks, the mod includes decor options like Decals with different symbols on them that can be used to indicate a fire hazard or a restricted area.

Shipping Containers and Decals

Also, there are shipping containers in all 16 dye colors that act like Item Vaults but with a fresh new look


Create Deco has a number of new colors of brick that can be cut or modified into different looks for variety. The colors of brick are: Red, Scarlet, Blue, Umber, Dean, Dusk, Verdant and Pearl.

Brick Color Variants

These bricks can be short, long, tiled, cracked or mossy and all have stairs and slabs.

Brick Variants

We hope you enjoy Create Deco!