Create: Chromatic Return re-adds the old Chromatic Compound and focusses the end game on ADVANCED ALLOY CREATION AND FORGING.
Add this expansion mod to your Create world to add a whole new level of grind, automation and overpowered tools to your factory building experience!


[Create & Curios API are both Required Dependencies to run this mod]






 Create: Chromatic Return is an expansion mod for Create all about creating a large variety of alloys and metals with unique uses and perks.
Currently there are 7 alloys added and they are as follows;
Shadow Steel - Base mineral used for casting tool parts to create custom and overpowered items.
Refined Radiance - An extremely magical and lightweight metal essential in the creation of Multiplite.
Multiplite - Defies all the laws of energy you know, has potential to create infinite energy but can be unstable.
NEW ANTI-PLITE - The polar opposite to Multiplite, but equally as unstable...
Industrium - An engineer's wet dream, used to easily craft mass amounts of machine components and has other nifty uses.
Durasteel - The hardest material known to man even over Bedrock, legend says that nothing has broke it.
Fortunite - The lucky man's alloy, used to quadruple metal drops and increase gem yield from certain ores.
Silkstrum - A delicate and precise alloy with similar properties to silk touch even being able to mine spawners. If you want to be able to change the spawner download a spawn egg crafting/capture mod [for example: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/egg-to-capture-mob-forge]



All of the new alloys along with some more familiar items can be used to create CUSTOM Shadow Steel Swords and Paxels.
Depending on what material you use for the handle your tool will have a very unique effect!
You will need to create Cast Parts with Shadow Steel and then create the individual components to make a finished tool.



Chromatic Return adds 2 OVERPOWERED end-game tools, the Multiplite Glow Saber and the Glow Claws!
Both tools have the ability to 1 hit any monster with the Claws being able to 1 hit any block and even destroy bedrock!



Using mainly Multiplite you can create Creative Motors, Blaze Cakes, Generators, Fueling Tanks & More!
These all can never run out, have infinite power and make automation and living in any world a breeze.


Infused Books can be used to apply special, new enchantments to Shadow Steel Tools, they are made using certain alloys that don't have Charms.
Custom Enchants currently include; Durable (Indestructible), Super Silk Touch (Silk Touch for Paxels but works with spawners)



Charms are created with all the new alloys and reward the player with a permanent effect whenever they hold it in their off-hand slot!
You can get yourself insane Speed, Strength or even Creative Flight!


Create: Chromatic Return adds a ton of game simplifying recipes allowing you to automate Netherrack, blast smelt, wash or haunt the cinder flour from it for redstone and other useful dusts as well as even more recipes including automatic Netherite and Brass production!

End Items can be automated as of v1.5.0!


Using Quartz with crushed ore (metals) or a silk touched gem ore in a Heated Blaze Burner Basin you can earn yourself double the yield.
Using Fortunite and a Super-Heated Blaze Burner Basin you can double that again for a total of a 4x increase in yield!









[If you want to disable access to Creative Recipes, until I add a config download CraftTweaker + CreateTweaker with this in your script]





 This mod will be a bridge between Create Mod and a variety of other mods, please feel free to leave suggestions!

- Mekanism support (1.0.1), allowing you to craft Meka-Suit without Generators addon being installed

- Create Addition support (1.0.1), adding creative generator recipe

- Create Stuff Addition support (1.0.1), adding creative filling tank recipe


- NO
I won't backport
- NO I won't port to Fabric
- NO I won't support VR or Vivecraft
So please don't ask me in issues or comments, feel free to leave feature suggestions and feedback there though!


If you want a faster reply message me over on discord :D