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Welcome to Create Central Kitchen, a mod offering more tools and methods to automate food processing for other mods in Create.



We currently offer:

  • Harvester Compat: Harvester is now compatible with Mushroom Colonies (Farmer's Delight), Tea Bush (Farmer's Respite), Coffee (Farmer's Respite), Propelplant (Nether's Delight), Lime Bush (Collector's Reap), Pomegranate Bush (Collector's Reap) and etc.
  • Pie Overhaul: Overhaul vanilla and modded pies in Farmer's Delight style, with placable blocks and slices.
  • Cake Slice Integration: Add cake slices for non Farmer's Delight add-ons.
  • Fluid Integration: Provide fluid for sauces, drinks, ice creams and more!
  • Recipe Integration: Added hundreds of integration recipes in Create style, including Sequenced Assembly Recipes for Sandwiches, Burgers and Pies.
  • Reasonable Automatic Mixing: Shapeless Recipes with certain container items (Glass Bottle, Bowl, Bucket) involved are now excluded from Automatic Mixing.
  • Smarter Upright on Belt: Items with certain containers (Glass Bottle, Bowl, Bucket) are now automatically rendered upright on belt, without needing specifying item tag create:upright_on_belt.

Specifically, when Farmer's Delight is installed:

  • Blaze Stove: Give your Blaze a guide and turn it into a master chef! Blaze Stove will provide Mechanical Arm support for kitchenwares including: Cooking Pot (Farmer's Delight), Kettle (Farmer's Respite), Copper Pot (Miner's Delight). Blaze Stove can also boost cooking up to 4x for the kitchenware above!
  • Cutting Board Recipe Automation: Deployer can now perform Cutting Board Recipes (Farmer's Delight) on Belt and Depot.
  • Smarter Basket: Basket (Farmer's Delight) can now directly interact with Belt and Mechanical Arm.


Installation Requirements:


Supported Mods:




ZaihnY (Russian localization)

V972 (Ukrainian localization)

QinomeD (Polish localization)

RakuGaki-MC (Japanese localization)

albertosaurio65 (European Spanish localization)

EvanHsieh0415 (Traditional Chinese localization)