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Create Big Cannons

is an addon for Create about building big cannons that work with Create.

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What's there?

Create Big Cannons (CBC) currently has:

  • Multiblock big cannons, built out of various cannon blocks with different materials of different tiers
  • Multiblock autocannons, for faster fire rate and more capabilities, coming in a variety of materials of different tiers
  • A menagerie of projectiles to wreak destruction with
  • Kinetic-powered cannon mechanisms to load and aim your cannons
  • Different fuze items to set off certain projectiles in various ways
  • A crafting system to build multiblock cannons using Create's kinetic system and a multiblock casting system
  • Loads of configuration, with many configuration options and datapack configurations
  • Effects to knock you off your feet and inspire terror in your foes

What can I use this mod for?

CBC is mostly meant as a mod for multiplayer PvP servers. Use big cannons to blow up your foes' bases, valuables, and more!

What dependencies are required?

Create is required.

A mod that adds bronze and steel is needed to access the bronze and steel cannon materials. IngotCraft is the recommended mod. This is planned to change in the future.

Other FAQ

Will older versions be supported?

No. Porting is allowed; see the license for more info.


An rbasamoyai mod.