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The OG crafting randomization mod that started the randomization craze is back!! Better than ever, now supporting more recipe types!
No longer will you be getting planks from logs, nor will your ores return ingots! It's all random!


Now that you all know what to expect prepare for the worst! Grab your favorite mods and give it a try.


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Old 1.7.10 Info:

Sick of the same crafting recipes each world? Perhaps they make too much sense? Then why are you now downloading this!?

You MUST have D3 Core to use our mods! <-- Click to get!

What it do?

CrayCrafting takes a crafting recipe and apply a new outcome to it! So instead of those planks you normally get from logs you could get a beacon or even better A WOOD HOE! This mod is best played with other mods that add in trees/flowers or lootables like villages/dungeons as getting tools can be quite hard! If you want to make it a bit simpler grab NEI or an equivalent to help you pinpoint some resources.

Biomes O' Plenty and Not Enough Items are recommended mods for best results.