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Filename CraftTweaker2-1.12-4.1.7.jar
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Uploaded Apr 23, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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Java 8


Added Command manager wrapperAdding recipes.replaceAllOccurences(IIngredient,IIngredient) as a new zenscript command.

Changed how names are set for replacement recipes

Implemented events.onPlayerBonemeal

Added DamageSource Bracket handler and static methods to get damagesources

Added Nullcheck to getIngredient

Fixed Typo in IMod

Some furnace recipe additions

- Allow intput/output/xp getter in IFurnaceRecipe
- IItemDefinition now has getITemBurnTime(IItemStack stack)
- IItemStack's getItemBurnTime is now implemented properly
- MCFurnaceManager's getFuel is now implemented correctly

Implemented some IItemStack Methods

Fixed possible NPE with RecipeFunctions

Added Way to create Item Entities from within CrT

Event system refactor

It's now split in API and Implementation since before it was all API.
Should be more versatile this way.
Also, implemented some more recipeHandlers

Added way of getting the clicked Entity to PlayerFillBucket

Replaced hitEntity with RayTraceResult getter

More Event System refactoring

- Added default methods for getX, Y and Z.
- Added Interfaces for Events with positions, and those who are processable.
- Rearranged Code in MTEventManager (comments were all over...)
- Implemented IContainer in MCContainer (needed for the opencontainerEvent)
- Pulled up commonly used methods into interfaces

More event stuff

- IContainers now have asString caster
- Annotated missing methods
- Moved IRayTraceResult from block to world (Last commit was not published yet so it's ok!)

Added ActionDummyAddRecipe for JEI plugin compatibility.

Changes in OreDictionary manipulation

- They now can blacklist items from being added later on.
- They now directly manipulate the list (as not to complicate ↑)

Fixed possible NPE when providing a null creativeTab to IITemDefinition's setter

Even more Event stuff

- More Events implemented
- Some Additional events added
- Some Methods pulled up into into interfaces (also some with default methods)

Added Command manager wrapper

Gave players the command function

Vector3d wrapper and Entity Spawning

Added Entity definition getter and CrafttweakerMC methods for fluids

Added optional parameter to IItemStack tags methods to allow for displayOnly tags

Added error checking to JEI stuff

DataMaps can now properly be indexed with numbers, if you ever needed to

Fixed JeI Hiding and optimized the code